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Youth Karate
Karate training is fun, challenging and exciting for ALL ages! We have traditional group classes, point sparring and events throughout the year to help our youth students grow in their discipline, focus, respect, strength, flexibility, and much more.
Adult Karate
The ultimate goal of traditional Okinawan Karate is perfection of character through physical and mental self-improvement. Through traditional training dating back hundreds of years and a direct lineage to the birthplace of Karate, Okinawa, the Holt Dojo provides a challenging and rewarding system of Karate and self-defense training.
Group Fitness
Join us in the Dojo for group fitness classes! We host weekly fitness classes, try your first one FREE!
Sparring (Youth)
Our sparring classes are offered to youth students of all ages with a minimum rank requirement of 8th Kyu (yellow belt). Sparring class equips our students with the confidence and ability to take their Karate training to the next level. Self defense applications and techniques are drilled to ensure our students know ways to safely and effectively protect themselves (separate gear is required).
Sparring (Teens+)
Sparring class is a full contact class focused on techniques, combinations and applications to best help students defend themselves. Students ages 13+ are welcome to be a part. (Separate gear is required).
Kobudo (weapons training)
Coming Soon!

Kobudo is a traditional art with Okinawan roots, much like Karate. Throughout the year, students have the ability to practice and hone their skills with various weapons such as the bo (staff). THIS IS MEANT FOR THE KOBUDO SECTION

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